SEPTEMBER 12, 2022



UNMISS (any sarcastic coincidence, the official name of the UN failed mission in Sudan is entitled UNMISS). It seems like a job opportunity to accommodate certain member states. A Lieutenant general from India just replaced another LTG from India.


Five countries were elected as new permanent members of the Security Council for the next two years. The five new countries elected for the next two years are : Ecuador, Japan, Malta, Mozambique and Switzerland.


100 years of James Joyce's Ulysses was celebrated on the gardens of the United Nations, by a dynamic group of young Irish men and women, who played music and rejoiced overlooking the East River. The young men wore similar hats and women carried flowers. They offered them to passersby on First Avenue as they left at the end of the evening.


This year it was celebrated more actively. Not only by the Mission of India, but by many New Yorkers. A universal focus was on balance, discipline and human relationships.


"He knows nothing who does not profit from what he knows"
-- Cicero


There was once a man from Nantucket
who put all his cash in a bucket
But then his daughter, Nan,
Ran away with a man
And asked for the bucket
Nan took it.


Revue de presse de l'Association Française des Nations Unies. Une association active et à la pointe l'information, après toutes ces nombreuses années d'activités.


Prince Zeid Bin Ra'ad of Jordan took over as president and CEO of the International Peace Institute. He has proven experience in most UN fields of interest, having worked in peacekeeping missions, international courts of justice, and varied other assignments, including representing his country at the United Nations. He replaced Terje Roed-Larsen who had to leave to Europe. His wife, Monica Jules, is Norway's representative to the United Nations.


Mona Ali Khalil, once a pillar of the UN system, moved to Vienna where she initiated a legal firm. The firm was well received by the European community, judging by the wide demand for legal advice. Well done!


A young woman on First Avenue, across from the UN entrance, was talking loudly on her cellphone, proclaiming to someone that she was busy on a flight to Miami. She winked at someone as she took the First Avenue bus.


Mr. Richard Amdur, who was an outstanding speechwriter for numerous Secretary-Generals, has just retired. Besides his effective professional style, Richard was a caring colleague who worked effectively with others. He made every effort to accomplish specific results. Whoever replaces him will be facing a challenging task. Meanwhile, his former international colleagues wish him continued success in the next chapter of his creative life.


A theater in downtown NY was overcrowded with audience impatience to hear the musical of Miriam Makeba, called Zenzele. A number of familiar songs were joined by an emotional audience. Everyone stood up when Nelson Mandela's name was mentioned -- it was the evening's conclusion with "Malaika."


"Amor amor amor" was a theme song of Gypsy Kings, performing at Beacon Theatre in New York. An introduction of other Spanish music did not seem to interest a crowd accustomed to a Barcelona rhythm. Led by Nicholas Reyes, who took over with a standing ovation. A surprise guest by the name Joanne Bayes appeared for a final salute.